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Crocodilian Conservation


Reptile Encounters is working to raise awareness and help the conservation of these amazing reptiles. Our Crocodilian Conservation Project offers educational information, displays and a small merchandise line. The sale of all merchandise will be donated to help with research and conservation efforts for a variety of endangered crocodilians. Check back regularly to see how our merchandise sales are helping.  

11 of the 24 living species of crocodilians are endangered. 7 species are listed as critical. Research and education are important to protecting the future of these incredible reptiles.

List of endangered crocodilians with status

CR- critical

VU- vulnerable

Chinese Alligator    Alligator sinensisCR 

Philippine Crocodile    Crocodylus mindorensisCR 

Orinoco Crocodile    Crocodylus intermediusCR 

Siamese Crocodile    Crocodylus siamensisCR 

Gharial    Gavialis gangeticusCR 

Cuban Crocodile    Crocodylus rhombiferCR 

African Slender-snouted Crocodile     Mecistops cataphractus CR

Tomistoma    Tomistoma schlegelii VU 

American Crocodile    Crocodylus acutusVU 

Mugger Crocodile    Crocodylus palustrisVU 

Dwarf Crocodile    Osteolaemus tetraspisVU 

Crocodilian species of least concern

American Alligator   Alligator mississippiensisLR/LC

Australian Freshwater   CrocodileCrocodylus johnstoniLR/LC

Nile Crocodile   Crocodylus niloticusLR/LC

New Guinea Freshwater Crocodile   Crocodylus novaeguineaeLR/LC

Saltwater Crocodile  Crocodylus porosus LR/LC

Cuvier's dwarf caiman  Paleosuchus palpebrosusLR/LC

Schneider’s Smooth-fronted Caiman   Paleosuchus trigonatusLR/LC

Morelet’s Crocodile   Crocodylus moreletiiLR/LC

Black Caiman   Melanosuchus nigerLR/CD

West African Crocodile  Crocodylus suchus  not assessed


                                  information from-iucn croc specialist group

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