Reptile Encounters

Shows and Animals

Reptile Encounters are 45 minutes to an hour or tailored to fit your needs.  Animals include the following;

  • Large snapping turtle or alligator snapping turtle
  • 3 to 4 foot alligator
  • Large monitor lizard or iguana
  • Rattlesnake or copperhead
  • Small harmless snake, rat snake or corn snake
  • Large python or boa constrictor  (10-12 feet)



Birthday Parties are more interactive and last about an hour.  Animals used include the following;

  • Tortoise large and small
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Medium monitor lizard or iguana
  • Small alligator
  • Variety of small harmless snakes
  • Medium sized boa or python (4-6 feet)


Kids get to hold the python or boa at the end for pictures!






Giant Reptiles!- Perfect for large audiences such as fairs festivals and museums.  Includes; six foot Alligator, 90 pound Alligator snapping turtle, large Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake and large Reticulated python    

Many of these animals have been on TV with;

  • Jeff Corwin
  • Wild Kingdom's Jim Fowler      

  • the Kratt Brothers
  • Jarrod Miller
  • Clyde Peeling
  • Mark Perpetua himself